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No work will be started without a work order.
$ 75 Hour

Road Service & Pick-Ups

(depending on location)
$ 50-125 Hour
Cayman Custom Cycles

Exclusive dealer for:

Come In To The Shop and Checkout Their Catalogs and We Can Get You The Parts You Want!

  • Benilli / SSR
  • Lance / SYM
  • Lucas Oil
  • Tire X
  • Evan’s Cooling
  • DNA
  • Accutronix
  • Motion Pro
  • Aeromach 
  • Mustang Seats
  • Avon Grips 
  • National Cycles
  • Barnett 
  • Performance Machine
  • Bassani 
  • Progressive Suspension
  • Carlini Design 
  • Colorado Custom 
  • RC Components
  • Corbin Seats 
  • Samson Exhaust
  • Extreme Machine 
  • S & S Cycles
  • Fastlights LEDS 
  • Vance & Hines
  • Kuryakyn 
  • V-Twin
  • Kustomwerks 
  • Woodcraft
  • Mid-USA 
  • Xtreme Machine
  • Midwest 
  • Yana Skiki
  • Vee Rubber
  • Avon Tires
Cayman Custom Cycles

Service Information

Whether you  need servicing, repairs or have had a crash and damaged your bike, Cayman Custom Cycles can provide you with all the help you need to restore your motorcycle or scooter to its former glory. Our technicians are specialists in all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters.

 Using the latest in computer diagnostic technology to identify and resolve issues in our fully-equipped shop we can fix your motorcycle or scooter quickly and to a high standard with a three-month guarantee on all repair work that we carry out. For more information or to discuss your repair needs, contact us.

  • There is no guarantee’s on all electrical parts and work. 

Shop Rate is $75.00 per hour

Work orders must be filled out prior to any service being started on your bike.

We will give you an estimated completion time and ask that you come and collect your bike when work is completed. We will store the bike once work is completed until the next day if you cannot pick it up the same day. We charge $50.00 per day storage rate for bikes not picked up on the following day that work is complete.

 All bills must be paid in full prior to the release of the bike.

After 30 days we will take additional action to recover our costs (including storage fees)  

There are different kinds of Bike Servicing. The 2 main kinds of servicing under Bike Service include:

The basic services covered in servicing are:

  1. Oil and filter change
  2. Spark plug change
  3. Air filter cleaning
  4. Drive chain adjustment
  5. Tire pressure check-up and refill
  6. Front and Rear brakes checked


The full services covered are:

  1. Front and Rear wheel checkup and lubrication
  2. Front and Rear brakes cleaning and adjustment
  3. Oil and filter change
  4. Transmission and or Primary oils changed
  5. Spark plug change
  6. Air filter change or cleaning
  7. Drive chain adjustment
  8. Clutch play tuning and adjustment
  9. Carburetor bowl cleaning
  10. Steering play adjustment
  11. Fork check and adjustment
  12. Tightening of screws, bolts, and nuts
  13. Control cables lubrication
  14. Swing arm pivot axle lubrication
  15. Minor electrical check-up and diagnosis
  16. Battery check-up
  17. Tire pressure check-up and refill
  18. Cooling system checked

Then there is specialty repairs:


Head race bearings
Fork systems

Valve clearance
Engine rebuilds
Cooling system

Drive System & Transmission

Belt and roller change
Chain set change
Clutch replacements

Primary chain adjustment / replacement

Electrical System

Lighting and signalling systems

Wire harness repair

Wheels & Braking

Puncture repairs
Tire replacement
Brake Pad Change
Brake shoe change
Brake calliper overhaul
Brake fluid top up
Brake system bleed
Wheel bearings

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